GCCC mourns the loss of Board Vice President Richard Gaffin

It is with great sadness that the GCCC announces the death of long-time board member and Board Vice President Richard Gaffin, who passed away suddenly on October 25 at the age of 81.

Below is a resolution in memory of Rich that was read by Board Member Carla Clements at Rich’s funeral services on Wednesday, Nov. 1.



We, the Gloucester County Children’s Choir family which includes our Board of Trustees, Choir Director/Co-Founder and her artistic staff, Parent Guild members, choir alumni and youth choristers express our deepest and sincere sympathy to Yvonne and the entire Gaffin family. Please know that our hearts are full during this homegoing celebration for a noble gentleman, Mr. Richard Gaffin, affectionately known to us as “Rich”. We gather together with you to mourn the passing of a great man who contributed so much of his time, financial resources and support to the organization. We wish to express our respect and gratitude.

  • Whereas, Rich worked with diligence and vigor and was fully committed to uphold the mission of the Gloucester County Children’s Choir which is “To encourage a deeper appreciation of the arts while sharing the experience of creating music in a variety of genres.
  • Whereas, Rich was a devoted supporter, faithful Board of Trustees member for the Gloucester County Children’s Choir and served loyally as Vice President of the Board for over 20 years without complaint until his health decline.
  • Whereas, Rich was a visionary and was instrumental through collaborative leadership, fundraising efforts and sponsor solicitation to help facilitate and ensure that in 2009-19 young choristers attended the Hayden International Choral Festival. The group toured and performed in Vienna and Salzburg Austria and Munich Germany from June 28, 2009-July 4, 2009.
  • Whereas, Rich fully supported the creation and implementation of the GCCC Scholarship program where to date over $15,000 in college funding support has been awarded to graduating choristers.

Therefore, let it be known, that we can’t replace Rich, but we will attempt to keep his legacy by improving our lives and the lives of the young choristers as we share and show love through the gift of song.

Therefore, let it be known, that we acknowledge the deep loss and sorrow your family is experiencing. We share in your sorrow but recognize that the Lord has accepted into his presence a good and faithful servant.

Be it further resolved that the GCCC family extends its sincerest condolences and recognizes with great admiration and appreciation the contributions of Mr. Richard Gaffin and his sincere love and devotion for the choir.

Therefore, be it further resolved that we bow to a greater Will than our own and rest in the knowledge that one day we will be united with Rich again, in joy and in the fullness of God’s mercy. Humbly and respectively submitted in Faith and Appreciation for the gift of our time with him on this the 1st day of November 2017.


The Gloucester County Board of Trustees

Mrs. Laurie Brewer


Mrs. Sylvia Richardson

Director and Co-Founder

Please note: A written copy of this resolution will be given to the family and a copy will be placed in the Gloucester County Children’s Choir Archives.


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